Sports Injuries

or Sports Injuries Surgery

Sports injuries can vary from simple muscle tears to major ligament injuries or fractures. Specialise knowledge of the treatment of sports injury makes a surgeon give good results to injured sportsmen.

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We are a group of forward thinking professionals with the aim of modern, ethical and scientific treatment of arthritis and orthopaedic conditions.

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Our surgeons perform excellent surgeries with consistently great outcomes. That is what makes us trustworthy.

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Dr. Shubhang Aggarwal is one of the top robotic surgeons in India and His centre is one of the first 50 robotic knee centres in the world.

Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery

100% Proven Results in Sports Injuries Surgery

Department of Orthopaedics at NHS Hospital

Sports persons are most vulnerable to injuries and these injuries can be devastating to his career, if not treated in time. From simple overuse conditions like strains, tennis/ golfer’s elbow, patellar tendinitis, thrower’s shoulder to stress fractures, exertional rhabdomyolysis and major knee or shoulder ligament tears, most common Sports Injuries present as pain or Swelling on the spot where the injury happens.

So the sports person needs an experienced orthopaedic surgeon to make them fit to play their favourite sport again!

At NHS Hospital Jalandhar, we have brought Internationally Acclaimed, Cutting-Edge Robotic Technology for Orthopaedic & Joint Replacement Surgeries.

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What is Sport Injuries Surgery?

When non-surgical methods like Rest, Immobilisation, and Physiotherapy don't work on sports injury patients or the extent of damage due to the injury is very high then the doctors opt for surgery. Injuries such as broken bones require surgery where plates, wires, screws or rods are used to treat the affected area. Similarly, in the case of a torn knee ligament, it becomes necessary to operate on the affected area by replacing the damaged ligament by a new natural or artificial ligament. Sports injuries on the shoulder where ligaments are injured or rotator cuff is torn are treated with arthroscopic surgical techniques. The most used surgical methods in sport include repair to damaged cartilage and ligaments in the knee (like- cruciate ligament tears), AC shoulder injuries, dislocations, and tendonitis. Surgeon use surgery to repair damaged soft tissue, align bones, and re-position dislocated joints!

Type of Sport Injuries

Meniscectomy Surgery

Meniscectomy is performed as a minimally invasive surgery using knee arthroscopy.

Meniscus Repair Surgery
Meniscus Repair

Meniscus repair is performed as a minimally invasive surgery using knee arthroscopy.

Microfracture Surgery

The area of missing articular cartilage is examined and unstable pieces are trimmed.

Cartilage Repair Surgery
Cartilage Repair

Repair and regeneration of cartilage is a treatment for joints which have damaged cartilage.

Elbow Arthroscopy Surgery
Elbow Arthroscopy

Surgeons place a small video camera into the elbow joint for diagnostic purposes or to guide an interventional procedure.

Rotator Cuff Repair Surgery
Rotator Cuff Repair

Surgeon uses advanced arthroscopic and minimally-invasive techniques whenever surgery is required to repair rotator cuff.

Knee Arthroscopy Surgery
Knee Arthroscopy

Surgeon uses arthroscopy technique to repair ligaments, clean out or repair cartilage, remove debris, or perform other procedure.

Knee Tendon Repair Surgery
Knee Tendon Repair

Surgeon do Knee tendon repair through a minimally-invasive incision by using suture anchors to repair the torn tendon back down to the bone.

Decompression Surgery

Surgeons performed decompression procedure,using arthroscopic tools to create more room for the tendons by slightly thinning the bone of the shoulder blade.

Biceps Tendon Repair Surgery
Biceps Tendon Repair

Surgeon performs biceps tendon repair using the Biceps Button technique, which involves a small incision on the front of the elbow.

Biceps Tenodesis Surgery
Biceps Tenodesis

Surgeon performe this through the arthroscpy procedue, incision used to insert the scope and/or various instruments as part of procedure to treat the patient.

ACL Reconstruction Surgery
ACL Reconstruction

Dr. Shubhang Aggarwal has extensive training and experience in treatment of ACL injuries, including several techniques of ACL reconstruction.

Shoulder Injection Surgery
Shoulder Injection

Surgeons Inject medication into the shoulder that can provide rapid and significant relief of pain and stiffness.

Shoulder Arthroscopy Surgery
Shoulder Arthroscopy

This procedue involves the placement of a small camera into the shoulder joint for diagnostic purposes or to guide an interventional procedure, such as a rotator cuff repair.

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About the Surgeon

Dr. Shubhang Aggarwal

Dr Shubhang Aggarwal

is a leading Robotic Knee Replacement Surgeon in India and is One of the Few Surgeons in the country. Only a handful of centres across the Asia Pacific have this revolutionary Robotic Cutting Edge Technology.

With an experience of more than 18+ years and more than 15000+ joint replacement surgeries under his belt, he is the first choice in this part of the country for such complex knee joint medical procedures. He is one of the only 11 surgeons in the country who have expertise in Robotic Knee Surgery. With one of the most advanced operation theatre and cutting edge medical technology at his disposal.

He has advanced training in joint replacement from prestigious medical colleges and universities in the UK, France, Germany, Australia, and Singapore. This makes him highly skilled and qualified to assess the damage to the knee joint and decide which options are most suitable and can provide you the best results. He is admired not only for his exceptional skills and expertise in Joint Reconstruction but for his compassionate approach amongst his patients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We've got answers.

What are the specific risks of this surgery?

Same as with any surgery, you face a number of general risks -- like anesthesia, infection, or bleeding. But we find the all specific complications before the surgery that can result from the surgery that you're getting.

How long will recovery take?

We make sure that will you have realistic expectations.In mostly cases Robotic Knee Replacement surgery takes 3-4 days and coventional surgery can take a week to start walking

Do I need any kind of care after my hospital stay?

You may need care at home after your hospitalization is if you have not walked or if you are still feeling weak as, “Am I strong enough to go home?”

What activities am I allowed to do or what activities should I avoid?

Before a hospital discharge, our doctor may assess your ability to walk and any progress you have made. So our expert team will guide you with physical or occupational therapy. We will assess can you safely walk into your house or use stairs inside the house.


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NHS Hospital Jalandhar Photo Gallery
NHS Hospital Jalandhar Photo Gallery
NHS Hospital Jalandhar Photo Gallery
NHS Hospital Jalandhar Photo Gallery
NHS Hospital Jalandhar Photo Gallery
NHS Hospital Jalandhar Photo Gallery
NHS Hospital Jalandhar Photo Gallery
NHS Hospital Jalandhar Photo Gallery


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I recently came here for surgery and can't believe I'm going to rate it as a pleasant experience but that is exactly what it was thanks to the wonderful care I received from the 3rd floor team!

Kamna Aggarwal, India

got robotic knee replacement from Dr.Shubhang Aggarwal few days back. I was able to walk perfectly. Very nice doctor. All the doctors and staff are very cooperative. Very neat and clean hospital

Somnath Sheddy, India


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